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I am Ally Lovett author of Depart Fashion a travel blog geared towards flight attendants and wanderlusts trying to master the art of flying. The idea of Depart Fashion started back in 2008 when I worked for a regional airline. Here I was not only new to the job but new to the career world. Lost and away from the comfort of college, I sought out to find websites that would help me with my layovers, how to pack my luggage or just everyday life as a flight attendant.


“I Belong in the Air!



Fast forward to now, where I currently work at my dream job as a flight attendant for a major airline. Every day I am excited that I get to live in the best two cities in the world, New Orleans and New York, also I fly around with new fun crews. The only thing I found that I was missing was a hobby, which made me think of my original idea of creating my flight attendant blog.


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