A Flight Attendant's Diary: April Journal Entry

People ask all the time what routes do you fly? Do you fly internationally? Where are you based? So I have decided to write a month's diary to detail what a typical flight attendant's schedule and life look like. 


The reason why I say that is because I don't usually pick up trips and am not senior enough to hold tons of international trips, so I fly the stuff that you don't really dream about when you become a flight attendant. I mean I haven't been on an international trip since November! I do have a little bit of seniority, so I can get more elongated layovers on my line which is something I crave. To me, it doesn't really matter where I am, as long as I can have a little entertainment, food, and a comfortable bed.


April was the month of FLORIDA! Look, I do not mind it at all. Yes, sometimes specific routes can be a bit demanding, but hey when you get a tan on the beach for free, I will take it. I also got lucky that my boyfriend happened to be traveling to Florida for work, so we got to maximize my layovers explore the lay of the land.

a flight attendant;s life.png

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Fun Layovers

FLL - Fort Lauderdale

The best thing about visiting Florida in the early days of April is that you can escape the chill from the North. Winter is so brutally cold that by April all you want to do is bask in the sun. One of my favorite places to eat in FLL is  S3. From my hotel, it was a quick Uber ride and worth it. S3 is known for its small tapa style dishes and yummy cocktails. I ended up getting the Strawberry Mamasita, which included Herradura Tequila, Strawberry, Basil and Citrus, as a pre-cocktail drink and had red wine for dinner. My entree was Lemon Rotisserie Chicken with Spaghetti Squash, Ratatouille Veg, Confit Tomato and Fine Herbs which was super delicious! Just FYI they do have happy hour at the bar from 4-7pm.

FLL Layover

TPA - Tampa

The bummer about this layover is that we did not stay at our regular hotel due to the NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four, so keep significant events in mind when bidding for a layover. I did, however, get to eat at the Rusty Pelican which was situated off Tampa Bay. The old school ambiance and the sunset over the bay really made it a romantic restaurant. The icing on the cake was the dolphin playing in the water. At dinner, for a pre-cocktail drink, I ordered the smoked old fashion, which made you feel like a gentleman in the best way. For dinner, I had the Blackened Grouper complimented with veggies. 

Tampa Layover

MSP - Minneapolis

Lord I got this trip on Adays. With a passion, I hate red-eye flights!! Since this trip was during a random April snowstorm, we stayed near the Mall of America, which was great because at least I had a little entertainment without getting super cold. Unfortunately, my flight was not canceled ( just delayed 3 hours ) which pushed our red-eye back. I mean we landed in New York at 11 am. So brutal!! I did find a sweet happy hour place called Crave, where they served $7 glasses of wine, and the house Cab was quite delicious. For an appetizer, I had the lettuce wraps, which were really filling and kinda ruined my appetite for dinner. Whoops!


PHX - Phoenix

I felt scheduling was trying to reward me from my horrible trip and gave me a long Scottsdale layover. I love the desert, but when it hits a specific temperature, I instantly feel I get dehydrated. Since it was a crisp 80 degrees, we decided to hike Camel Back Mountain which was not the easiest hike at all. Believe the description when it says it is a steep, strenuous hike. Unfortunately, we did not make it to the top because the trail ended up being you scaling rocks vertically. I was not prepared nor did I have the right shoes. I did not want to fall off a mountain. Also, they had these mean bees swarming, and people were getting stung, so I opted not to summit the mountain and call in an OJI. Maybe next time, especially after I take a climbing class or two. After burning about 600 calories from our 3 hr hike, we rewarded ourselves with margaritas and fajitas. We ate at Old Town Gringos which was more of a bar scene but did have some delicious food. For being more of a bar, the staff was very attentive which was impressive.

Scottsdale Layover

STL - St. Louis

Some people might not jump for joy about a Missouri layover, but when I get a long layover here I go straight to a BBQ place.  This state definitely knows how to cook, and I would like for someone to prove me wrong. The first stop was Pappy's Smokehouse, my favorite BBQ place. They were named best ribs in America by the Food Network. I basically didn't eat any breakfast so I could go straight there when I landed. I ordered a half ribs, but they are so easy to eat that I should have gotten full and just saved the rest for later. Rookie mistake.  You have to get here early because they will run out of ribs! I really wanted to take pictures of the ribs, however, I was  too hungry to do so and basically forgot. After feeding my belly, I unfortunately just rested due to the nasty weather. One thing that is in walking distance from a downtown hotel is the arch, which I think everybody should do once. Besides, if they have a baseball game, go to it and watch it in the stadium or in Ballpark Village right across the street. 

Vacation! - Italy

I love having a vacation before the summer because it resets your engines in a way. I feel like our planes are always full, so it is like you need a vacation before people start taking theirs. This year the family decided to go to Italy and drive around the Tuscany region. In a later blog, I will get into the details of this trip because we made a lot of rookie mistakes, but overall, it was such a blast. I always get excited non-reving overseas with my family because it is definitely one of the best benefits you get with this job. I came home and bought some plants and pottery just to replicate our villa's courtyard.

Italy Vacation

Some great packing items where you can mix and match! Go from Day to Night.

Overall, April was a productive month and I survived the tail end of the spring break crowd. I know I did get a taste of summer flying, with a couple of rain delays in ATL, but like always I will survive summer flying. I can’t complain too much, but I have gotten pretty lucky because most of the significant thunderstorms delays happened when I was off. I do love how I got to miss all of that. I am always extra excited when April is over because I do enjoy the summer sun, but also love the potential of not having any more snow storms.

What are your summer plans?? Write in the comments below. Also, check out my Pinterest page for more travel ideas and tips!