A Flight Attendant's Diary, Summer Entry

Summer flying is here, which means many UMs, rain showers, and full planes. It is exciting that people choose to fly to their holiday destination because I know for me that means JOB SECURITY! Summer is also appealing for flight attendants because of the seasonal routes, which means more international routes. I mean you can pick up a trip (from a Senior Mamma’s schedule because you know you are too junior to hold it) to Nice, Venice, or Ponta Delgada and have a paid vacation. However, being a New York flight attendant, you do get the pleasure of holding international trips on your line. It is so great!


Now I have been late on my summer diary entry because, well, I am not flying this month. Don’t worry I didn’t get hurt, just Mamma needed to get a new hip which means she needed a little TLC help for a couple of weeks. I didn’t mind, because to be honest, the weather has been HORRIBLE, and my commute would have sucked.


On a good note, though, I did do a little bit of flying in May and June, which I am happy to tell you about. 


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TLV - Tel Aviv

Because of summer rain delays, you never know if your commute is going to be on time. With this risk, I suggest flying in the day before, so you don’t miss your sign-in. I happened to be on afternoon airport reserve and at the last minute I was awarded a TLV trip. I felt terrible that someone was late for their sign-in, but thrilled because I have not been to the Middle East before! I know I have been flying for about four years, so I should have been to more places, but unfortunately, I have not. So here I go to Tel Aviv where the hummus I heard is fantastic! 

Once we got to TLV, we found out that it was Eurovision, a major singing concert that happens in Europe. With an enjoyable crew on board, we hit the streets to dance! Now I usually do not party at night on my layover, but since our sign-in wasn’t till 8 pm the next day, we had the whole day to rest and recover.  So here I am eating one of the best hamburgers in my life ( probably was the jet lag lol) and listening to all of this music next to the Mediterranean Sea. It was just amazing, and to top it off we ended the night in a speakeasy. Lucky I packed a cute white linen dress because if I didn’t have the right clothes, I might have just stayed in my hotel room!

The next day, of course, was a relaxing day, which included breakfast, pool, and dinner by the sea. Can’t get any better than that!

Where I ate: Goldman Court

What I ate: Sea bass, Cumin butter, Chapotle 120 and Small Salads 57 (1. couscous, vegetables, fresh herbs 2. Tzaziki, yogurt, dill, cucumbers 3. pickled dutch yellow tail fish 4. Cauliflower Tahini, Cumin Seeds)

What to packed:

Unexpected MSY trip - New Orleans, LA

 It is so much fun going home on a trip, but it is even better when it is unexpected. Usually, when I have a MSY trip, I go back and hang out with my mom, but since I knew I was going to be home for weeks, I decided to ask my boyfriend to come to join me. It was a Sunday, and we got in early so what does that mean? SUNDAY FUNDAY! 

I especially love the French Quarter in the daytime because it is so romantic and European! I love snapping pictures of the architecture and admiring the ironwork. Brad and I ended the day at Café Amelie with a lovely cocktail hour plus dinner. There is just something about sitting on a Southern porch sipping on a glass of white wine with the one you love. Perfecto!


Where I ate: Cafe Amelie

What I ate: Chicken and Andouille JambalayaPpasta $27

What to packed:

PNS - Pensacola, FL

I was so lucky to score a 36-hour layover in Pensacola, Florida. We stay right on the beach, which makes this layover feel like a mini-vacation. This layover consisted of us soaking up the night sky with a wine nightcap. We didn’t want to party hard the because the next day we had a whole day to play in the sun.

One thing that is odd about flight attendant life is that you start a three day with people you have never met before, but instantly there is a bond. It is always a bonus when you like the person because now you have a friend to hang out with on your layover. Some people want to be private and not hang out with the crew, but I think that is boring.


 Where I ate: Publix

What I ate: Sushi, Chips and all the fun junky food

What to pack:

PDX - Portland, Oregon

My favorite thing about flying over to the West Coast is that your day is extra long! I have been to PDX on a short layover many times, but never got to experience downtown. I am so glad I did. They say that Oregon is known for their Pinot Noir and I sure was on the hunt for one, but first I needed to find something to eat. I did do the touristy thing and walked down to Alder St. Food Cart Pod, which now has a new location. The food truck that I decided to dine at was Banh mi up. After I scarfed down my Grilled Pork Sandwich, I headed down to Portland Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room.  I picked the Oregon/Washington Red Flight which I know it wasn’t all Pinot Noir, but the grape Marechal Foch caught my interest. After a little wine sipping, I started talking to the couple next to me, and they informed me that the Rose Garden was in bloom. This super excited me because I was debating going, and I am glad that they told me because once you arrive at the garden, the perfume from the roses overpowers you. I felt like a little girl in a secret garden surrounded by beauty.

 Where I ate: Banh mi up

What I ate: Lemon Grass Chicken Banh mi $8.50

What to packed:

KEF - Reykjavík, Iceland

 Like I said earlier sometimes in summer when you are junior you receive some international trips on your line. Well, I got Iceland…twice! Yes, going to Iceland is exciting, but when it is not worth a lot of flight pay, it can be a bummer. However, I am so glad I kept it on my line because both times I had a complete blast. I love nature, but on our long layovers, we are usually downtown. This one we were, however, it is so easy to hop on a tour bus or grab a car and hit the road and drive. My first layover there I wanted to go on this super cool whale tour, but it got canceled due to winds, eh such a bummer. Luckily there was a fun new hire, and we walked all around downtown. Since the hotel had a great breakfast, lunch was eating our way through the town’s deserts, licorice ice cream, and warm cinnamon rolls. 

My second layover, I was lucky to have a flight attendant that wanted to explore the island as I did. I am not sure if you have heard about the book “Center of the Earth,” but we were determined to find it. Thanks to our 3 hr delay we landed too late for the 8 am tour. Now, this is when you have to decide, do you want to drive 3 hrs one way on not a lot of sleep? We did it, but I highly recommend going on a driving tour on a layover because I like the option to fall asleep if need be. 

 Where I ate: Rekjavik Fish Market

What I ate: Fish & Chips $19.80

What I packed:


Stay tuned for August because surprisingly I got four international tris and I plan on crossing some things off of my bucket list. So stay tuned!

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