How to survive your long haul flight like a Champ!

I do have to confess, I have not taken advantage of my travel benefits, especially internationally. Yes, I am on a plane from MSY to NYC all the time, but that is not exciting like going to somewhere abroad.

So, when I go internationally as a passenger, I get a little nervous. Working a flight you are up and about doing your duties which makes the time fly by. To me working an eight-hour trip does not feel the same as working an 8 hours on the job. So it is no problem, but I do get a little anxious with the thought of maybe sitting in a middle seat for an 8 hour + flight. How will I survive!


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1. Bring your own water onto the plane.

Bring a bottle of water or a bottle to fill up once you are outside of security. The average price for water in an airport is around $4 a bottle. To try and save some $$$ bring a reusable bottle of water and fill it up at the water fountain after security. Extra Bonus! Sometimes flight attendants will add some water directly int your container if you ask nicely. This is awesome because it saves a cup and you do not have to worry about spilling it.


2. Comfortable clothes and still look cute.

Looking put together is always an excellent way of respecting yourself. I know 6 am flights are super annoying and hard to wake up for, but looking like you literally rolled out of bed is not an attractive look. Dress up your leggings so you not only will be comfortable but also stylish. Check out my go-to look below.

3. Pack your own amenity kit so you can feel like you are in first class.

On long flights certain things help you feel comfortable like toothbrush and toothpaste, soft sleep mask, earplugs, socks, and this list can go on. You can still have excellent experience in coach and enjoy these things even though the airline does not provide them for you like they would in coach. Below are a couple of items that will help your long haul flight.

4. Bring some snacks when hungry strikes

Some airlines do feed you when you go overseas and are adding meals to some of their Transcontinental flights too. However, you still might get a little hungry during the trip. Here are some items that are not only TSA friendly but super yummy.


5. Walk around

If you have a Fitbit or Apple Watch, it will definitely alert you that you might need to walk around. I do suggest claiming an aisle seat, and every hour or so just take a quick lap to the bathroom to stretch your legs. Some people do suffer from leg swelling, and this will help get that fluid flowing and not settle in your ankles. Also, invest in compression socks which will also help in this problem.


6. Bring inflight entertainment, don’t rely on the internet

Most planes have TV screens with movies, but what if you get stuck with the monitor that does not work! Ah. This is why if you have an iPad always have a couple of movies downloaded just in case your screen does not work.


7. Maybe take a sleeping pill???

If you want to get up and go when you land in Europe, may I suggest taking a mild sleeping pill instead of ambien. Why? The reason is when you combine alcohol and ambient together it doesn’t equal for a good time for anyone. If you do end up taking any prescription pills, I do strongly suggest to not drink with it. Well mainly because that is what the instructions say, but when you add alcohol to the mix, it might cause you to sleepwalk or even do some out of character things. Trust me I have heard enough stories about people stripping off their clothes on international flights. What I do suggest is to take some melatonin or a half unison. This help put you in a relaxed state, but not wholly sedate you helping you to fall asleep naturally.


Want more tips on surviving your long international flight? Check out my Pinterest board below.